Advisory Packages

Media Support

Be a guest on our shows hosted on X (Twitter) and receive support on important Web3 social platforms.

NFT Strategy

Advise on NFT mint goals and vision, providing insights and feedback on structure, utility, and art.

Comprehensive Report

Assess your project's health, identify potential concerns, and provide actionable recommendations.

Network Access

A web3 gaming network with leaders from top companies, content creators, and thought leaders.

Content Strategy

Create a content plan with project milestones in mind, covering all social media platforms.

Community Growth

Survey community growth and engagement, and advise on initiatives to improve community health.

What projects have to say about Wolves DAO

  • Sino Global Games avatar

    Frequently lean on their gigabrains to brainstorm ideas and review our new mechanics, tokenomics and gameplay loops

    Sino Global Games

  • Wildcard CEO Paul Bettner's avatar

    The Wolves (and Payton) are easily one of the most important and valuable communities in web3 gaming today, working tirelessly to connect REAL gamers to REAL games

    Wildcard CEO Paul Bettner

  • ROK Capital's Crypto McKenna's avatar

    WolvesDAO is the single best gaming DAO

    Crypto_McKenna of ROK Capital

  • AI Arena avatar

    A strong collective of gaming enthusiasts, bound by a transparent ethos, representing the vanguard of web3 gaming

    AI Arena

Our community

We trust the wisdom of the pack to keep pace with the rapid changes in the web3 space.

Anyone who chooses to become a partner of Wolves DAO or joins as a member will have a family to help you grow and realize your goals in web3.

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Logos showing companies which our members work within, such as: EA Sports, Activision Blizzard, AVA Labs, Delphi Digital and many more

The Wolves DNA

Our purpose

Moving the gaming space forward by equipping the blockchain gaming sector with insights, education, and tools to build the games and communities of tomorrow.


Our strong culture encourages growth and celebrates the success of our peers and our partners.


We foster creativity and new ideas to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing world.


We've become content matter experts by constantly learning and improving ourselves.


We are intellectually honest and have the courage to speak truth to our community and our clients.